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Jun 232013

Well now I know why men play with theirs all the time!

If you’re reading this then you’re probably already aware of what toys like the Feeldoe line do. Rather than the traditional double dildo, the Feeldoe is designed to make ‘strap-on sex’ a more intimate giving and receiving experience. As a bi, pegging couple, we’ve been looking at this type of toy for the last year or two but have often been put off by size, style and color of what was previously available. That changed when Tantus introduced their next line of Feeldoes – the Realdoe, so called because it’s, well, realistic. Tantus takes care to point out that their toys are designed by women for women, but it seems that either some women wanted something smaller than the original Realdoe or they’ve realized that men were interested too.

Realdoe 1
The Realdoe Slim comes in a more lifelike, detailed shape (just like the standard Realdoe) and color, prompting the Realdoe re-name. The Realdoe Slim is manageably sized, and at 12 oz, (3/4 lb), it’s a great and fun way to get used to this type of toy.

The Realdoe’s material is something else. Latex-free and phthalate-free, the packaging states that this is made with medical grade platinum silicone for no rashes, irritations or infections. It is also completely hypo-allergenic, dishwasher safe and has no plastic smell or taste. All of that adds up to an extremely impressive description, and although it wasn’t the selling point for us, it makes us feel a lot more secure owning what is obviously a quality product. When you get that feeling before you’ve even got the toy out of its packaging, you know the bar is already set high. I’m pleased to report that the Realdoe exceeded our expectations.

Realdoe 2  This was your father’s lightsaber. It is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or as random as a…
Oops. How did THIS thing get in here?

These things aren’t called ‘Real’does for nothing, and while they may not fool you in a blindfolded taste test, they’re amazing for the price point. Tantus also says that this is made with a newer, slightly softer silicone and it feels wonderful. We haven’t noticed the slight stickiness that some have reported – in fact ours has a more powdered feel to it. The dildo is firm but has a certain amount of give to it that stops it from being uncomfortably stiff. One of the things we like about it is that it actually feels like a real cock when you squeeze it, with a slightly fleshy springiness to the outside and a fairly solid core. Judging by one or two comments we’ve read around the Internet, some people might find the realism to be off-putting, but we feel that you’re getting exactly what Tantus describe here. Being a bi-couple means that we’re both happy with something realistic and it’s an added bonus that the Realdoe looks and feels like a cock, even down to it warming up during use or being able to put it in warm water first to get it up to body temperature even quicker.

The Realdoe is officially listed as having the following dimensions:Insertable Length: 3 1/2″ / 5 1/2″
Circumference: 4 3/4″
Diameter: 1 1/4″
Bulb Length: 3 1/2″
However, while we found the circumference measurement to be accurate for the bulb, the circumference of the penis part of the dildo actually measured 4 1/4″. The other measurements were all accurate.
Realdoe 3
I don’t always do DP. But when I do, I prefer Dos Sixes
Realdoe 4
As you can see from the above pics (a comparison with our Slim Jim dildo), at first glance the Realdoe seems quite a lot bigger. It’s actually deceiving in its design though, and the insertable length is almost identical. In fact, the ‘business end’ of both dildos are very similar, which worked out great for us since the Slim Jim (or Jimmy to us) has proved to be a great pegging dildo.
Now for the part where things get slightly complicated. Marketed as a harness-free double dildo, much will depend on the wearer’s own anatomy. Personally, I’m 5’3″, 120 lb and tend to get very, very wet. Couple this with not-very-strong kegels and it means that the Realdoe kept falling out. But as I say, that’s down to me rather than any flaws with the toy itself, although if I’d had a hand in the design I’d have asked for a larger bulb.
Realdoe 5I’m not sure I’m doing this ‘packing’ thing right!


The included bullet might be a little disappointing for some. It’s loud, but that noise doesn’t equate to much power. It’s not a huge deal, since you can insert your own similarly-sized bullet. If you’re anything like us though, you’ll probably treat it as a nice little extra rather than considering this to be a true vibrating toy.
Cleaning the Realdoe couldn’t be easier, and can be done with antibacterial soap or by boiling it in water for 3 minutes (make sure you take the bullet vibe out first though!). And as with any silicone toy, it’s recommended that you use only water-based lube. We find that Sliquid Sassy Booty works best for us, but your own favorite water-based lube will work just as well. Silicone lubes should be avoided, as should contact with other soft toy materials. The Realdoe should be stored apart from the rest of your collection, or in a bag or box. We’ve kept the packaging for us and while that’s not discreet, it does the job.

As mentioned, we didn’t experience any stickiness with this. However, unlike some, we found that ours is quite fond of lint. It’s not as much of a lint-magnet as some toys out there, but we’ve got a Great Pyrenees and regularly get phone calls from people a thousand miles away asking if we can stop her from shedding, so it was no great surprise to us to find that this had little hairs stuck to it after next to no time.

As with all of the Tantus toys we own, the packaging is simple and functional. You’ve ordered a sex toy, and by jingo it’s a sex toy you’ve got. One thing we did notice though is that this is likely the same packaging that the regular (read ‘bigger’) Realdoe comes in. No complaints from us there, since it shows the difference between the two sizes:

Realdoe 6 The extra space in the package was enough to makeMr PassionCpl’s eyes water!

The insert on the front of the packaging is nice enough – classy and understated with a feminine look. There’s a little bit of information down next to the bullet that tells you a little about the material and how to take care of it (see above). The back of the same insert tells you a little about the Realdoe itself and how it’s used. It was nice to see that this is where Tantus actually addressed the issue of men using this, although that’s not something we’ve tried yet.


Realdoe 7 Well it wouldn’t be a pegging-related review without showing you the rear, would it?

The ‘no smell or taste’ part was something that we found pleasing since part of the fun of using this dildo is being able to treat it like a cock and give/receive a blow job. We don’t always go that far, but the fact that (a) it looks like a real cock; and (b) giving a blow job to the person wearing this actually puts pressure on the bulb that’s being held inside the vagina; meant that it’s now a fun part of our play.One thing we have noticed is that the upward curve of the Realdoe takes a little getting used to. As we’re currently ‘girlfriendless’ (isn’t that always the way when you get a cool new toy? lol), we’re only using this for pegging at the moment, meaning that female to male doggy style sex can be a little uncomfortable as the penis points higher than on any of our other toys. I imagine that this has been designed primarily for girl on girl missionary position sex and can see it being perfect for that (I’ll add a follow-up when I find out for myself!) Fortunately , it still worked well for girl on boy missionary sex too.

Once the Realdoe was in place it felt very sexy to have a cock of my own. Like many women (I think!), I’ve often wondered what it would be like to have one, even just for the day. This is probably as close as I’m going to get outside of one or two cheese-dreams and my husband loved it. I haven’t tried walking around with it in, but just lying down in a low-lit bedroom drove him wild. I’ve got large, full breasts and he told me that the combination of those with a realistic-looking cock sticking out of my body got him more turned on than he has been in a while. For my part, I was curious to try something I’d read – how it felt to get a blow job on one of these things. Naturally there’s no feeling in the dildo, but I’m not sure whether it was watching my husband suck my cock or the pressure I felt inside me each time his head would bob up and down, but it was sexy as hell for me too!I found that the one-speed bullet that came with this (with included batteries) just about added a little something for me. Not enough to send me over the edge on its own, but enough to add a little tingle to make things more interesting. Surprisingly, my hubby felt some vibrations going through the cock while he was riding me, but says it’s little more than a slight tingle.

One thing we did try was taking turns to masturbate the cock while it was inside me. After overcoming a brief fit of giggles and more than a little shyness, we lubed it up again and started stroking whilst making out. I was surprised at how realistic that act felt, and – as with the blow job – I felt the bulb moving and pressing against my inner wall. Again, this wasn’t enough to get me off on its own, but the combination of stroking my new cock while I played with my clit gave a very nice (and new) experience that I’m eager to try again.

Until I can work on my Kegels, I’ve found that you need a harness with a low o-ring to really get the most out of these. Luckily we have one or two, and even our trusty RodeoH panty harness works pretty well. The Realdoe fits it easily with a fraction of an inch to spare, but if you’re going to try this yourself be aware that part of the RodeoH’s material will have to be pulled aside (the bit of material inside the panties that would normall hold the back of a regular dildo in place).

Realdoe 8 Hello Mr Johnstone. Is Sally home?


Man, I feel like a woman…with a cock!  The Realdoe Slim adds that X-Factor that’s the difference between a really good toy and a great one. It’s expensive but worth every penny. The only drawback is that this is marketed as harness-free and using it without a harness is going to be difficult for a lot of people


We highly recommend the Realdoe to all since it’s definitely usable as a regular (slim) dildo too.


Our rating:
4.5/5 stars

This review was originally written by me and published on edenfantasys.com


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  1. Great review. We wanted something just like this for both of us to enjoy with & use on, each other. Thank you for your helpful review :)


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