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Dec 042014
Sexy Pic of the Day - Soft Seduction

It’s no secret that we’re fans of sexy lingerie and since the excellent Homme Mystere were kind enough to send some samples recently, we thought we’d take some pictures that killed two birds with one stone. Namely dressing hubby up and sitting on his face to take photos. All in the name of art, of course.  Since we’ve already tweeted a snap of me (Mrs PC) in the bra, we thought it only fair to make hubby the subject of today’s SPOTD. So if you’re

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Dec 022014
Review - BodyAware Ghost Leopard Snap Briefs

We recently received several items for our perusal (oh ok, bedroom fun) including a sexy pair of male undies courtesy of BodyAware.  They’re called the Ghost Leopard Snap Briefs and are a pretty new offering from one of our favourite retailers of sexy men’s underthings. Colour-wise, the briefs are available in the Henry Ford option (“any colour you like, as long as it’s black”), but to be honest, these really wouldn’t suit anything else. And besides, black lends itself to the ‘Ghost Leopard’ name a

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Nov 262014
Sexy Pic of the Day - I'm Thankful for...

It’s been said that when a woman takes a shower or a bath with a man, she knows her breasts are going to get really clean.  And with just a day to go before Thanksgiving, I thought it important to share something we’re all thankful for. That’s right, it’s Mrs PC’s ample bosom. No, none of your schmaltzy “I’m thankful for you” or “I’m thankful we just got through this year” stuff here. No siree Bob, I’m thankful for these beauties, that taste just as

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Nov 192014
Sexy Pic of the Day - Retro Gold

Regular viewers will know that we recently got an emergency aid package (oh ok then, a goody bag) from the wonderful Homme Mystere. For those who aren’t familiar, they make some seriously sexy – and high quality – lingerie with a twist… it’s just for men. Well, that’s the idea anyway. Turns out that many of their customers have wives/girlfriends/others who like their stuff just as much as their fellas do, and Mrs PC is no exception. So here in an appropriately-titled Retro Gold Bra

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Nov 092014
Review - XDress Moulin Rouge Men's Corset

We won’t lie. Corsets – whether for him or her – have always been a little ‘meh’ here in the PC household. Mrs PC already has a small waist and cracking pair of jugs that just don’t really lend themselves to a corset without naturally spilling out (not that that’s a bad thing, she just doesn’t find the one she owns very comfortable).  As for me, Mr PC… well, it’s really not something that ever crossed my mind until several months ago when browsing the

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