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Jul 202014
Sexy Pic Of The Day - Distraction

Picture the scene. I (Mr PC) have been sitting at the computer desk with eyes glued to a combination of Formula 1 racing and the Tour de France. A little bell rings, telling me I have a new SMS message on my phone. Glancing down, I see it’s a message from Mrs PC. I swipe the message open and find this picture staring back at me. I turn around to ask when she took it and see the same view sitting right there in front

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Jul 192014
Sexy Pic Of The Day - Walk On The Wild Side

Cue fanfare since we’ve just realised this is our 100th post! Ok, we may draw the line at plucked eyebrows and shaved legs but since we had nice feedback after our last SPOTD (as well as a ton of requests for more of the same), we thought we’d share this shot today.  And as for what came next – well, let’s just say it involved lipstick, a beautiful big-breasted blonde, a strap-on and ludicrous amounts of lube  

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Jul 142014
Sexy Pic Of The Day - Paris, Ooh La La

Bonjour tout le monde! It’s Bastille Day, and while neither of us are French (although we’re both fluent in kissing that way) we thought we’d post something completely different to anything we’ve done before. Yes, it’s a Sexy Pic of the Day and yes it’s artistic but that’s where the similarity ends. This time it’s a pic taken by Mrs PC but it’s not your usual ‘us’ shot. Firmly inspired by our ‘Feet’ pic, this one features Mr PC in lingerie. And since we’ve actually

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Jul 102014
Review – Male Power Stretch Lace Wonder Bikini

When it comes to men’s underwear, lace isn’t always the easiest of materials to find when you’re shopping for something new. In fact the options are few and far between, and if you’ve really got your heart set on lace then you’ll often find yourself limited to either wearing some of your wife/girlfriend’s skimpies or turning to one of the few more adventurous male underwear suppliers. Male Power is one of those very suppliers, and what differentiates them from other male underwear companies is the

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Jun 202014
Good Times, Bad Times

Here’s something a little (ok, a lot) different for this blog. It’s decidedly non-sexual (unless you count Robert Plant’s jeans and the infamous ‘Red Snapper’ incident) but interesting enough to share here.  So in honour of yet another re-release of the first three Led Zeppelin albums, here’s a must-read for any fan of Zep or rock music in general. It is early 1969, and you are young. You hold in your hands an LP by a band with a strange name. The cover art is

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