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Jan 252014
Review - Je Joue MiMi Soft

There’s a well-known question that often comes up in reviews, and that is “How do you improve on perfection?” The answer is often “You don’t”, although there are times when the reviewer will tell you “Like this”.  Now we’re not going to say that Je Joue‘s new MiMi Soft is the next step up from the regular MiMi, but it’s certainly her equal. I think I’ll just pop this in here for later. And the MiMi, too. This new MiMi has much in common with

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Dec 192013
Review - XDress/BodyAware Rayon Combo

If you’ve been following this Blog, you’ll know that we’re both fans of nice underwear. No – more than that, we’re both fans of that elusive thing known as nice male underwear (and freshly-washed Y-Fronts don’t count, sorry).  Now, we’ve had some nice bits and pieces from the people at BodyAware and XDress, but arguably nothing nicer than this little pairing. It’s one of their most popular lines and it’s easy to see why. As you can see, this is a two-piece set, with both

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Nov 112013
Wear your heart on your sleeve...

… or should that be ‘on your chest’? You know those stories/internet photos of people who get Kanji tattoos that aren’t quite what they thought? You know, like getting “I am an anal slut” when you thought your new forever art actually said “I love Kevin forever”? Well there’s no mistaking your thoughts with this sweater that we recently came across online.  Plus it really doesn’t matter what it’s going to look like when you’re 70 years old…  

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Oct 312013
Sexy Pic of the Day - Halloween Edition

And now for something completely different! Since it’s Halloween, we decided to do a dress-up SPOTD but wanted something a little unexpected. So here’s Mrs PC in a starring role as the sexy Supergirl in her very own comic strip. We hope you sexy people enjoy this and stay tuned for the conclusion of our little strip. Will Supergirl have her revenge? Will the evil Mr PC manage to escape? Will he want to? In the meantime, have a safe & fun Halloween!    

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Oct 302013

We stumbled across this last night and thought we’d share it here. In our opinion, it’s one thing to touch up your pictures or add filters to make them look nice & dreamy, but completely changing physical characteristics? We reckon that’s taking things more than a step too far. Watch the videos below – the process might surprise you!       Now we’ve got to say that while the results are eye-opening, we actually preferred the ‘before’ in both cases. But it shows you

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Oct 172013
Review - Wicked Ultra Unscented Silicone Lube

For a while, Mrs PC and I never used lubes for sex. She gets wet quickly and naturally and I produce a lot of precum. So for most things, that was always enough. Then we began pegging so had to get something for me and our silicone toys. The usual, less adventurous water-based lubes like KY and Astroglide were our starters and worked pretty well for a time. After sampling many water-based lubes, we started getting into toys that we’d previously never considered. Things like

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