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Jul 222015
Sexy Pic of the Day - Workplace Selfie

When work is slow and hubby’s elsewhere and horny there are two choices a girl can make. One is to find something constructive to do. The other is to pull her top open and send said hubby a pic of one of her perfect breasts (and as we all know, there’s a shortage of those in the world). I decided that this little snap was so sexy it would be rude not to share it with our lovely followers and have made it today’s SPOTD. Feel free

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Jul 202015
Sexy Pic of the Day - What A Girl Wants

What a girl wants, what a girl needs… you’re welcome for the earworm. Try shaking that off for the rest of the day In the meantime, welcome to a little peek at our Sunday afternoon shenanigans, courtesy of a surprise shopping trip when Mrs PC headed over to the lingerie section of a well-known store and insisted on buying a cute little bra & panty set that could be worn discreetly under boy clothes. Nothing sensual, romantic or lacy but sometimes practical can be sexy,

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Jul 062015
Sexy Pic of the Day - (I'm Always) Touched By Your Presence, Dear

Well Mrs PC is a blonde, so we can be forgiven the Blondie reference in the title. This little snap goes back to our roots with something featuring both of us and is more erotic than overtly sexual (although there’s a time and a place for that, of course). It wasn’t easy to capture, but we’ll say this – thank God for voice-activated smartphone cameras!      

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