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Oct 222014
Sexy Pic of the Day - Give Me A Ring When You're Ready

Hi gang! Mrs PC here this time and I thought it would be cute to dress Mr PC in a pair of some of our favorite XDress.com panties for men (yes, the same ones you’ve already seen in that Pirate pic). I absolutely LOVE these on him and often tell him we should get more just so he can wear them every day. Come to think of it I don’t think he’s actually said ‘No’! So more for my indulgence than anything else, here’s a

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Jul 202014
Sexy Pic Of The Day - Distraction

Picture the scene. I (Mr PC) have been sitting at the computer desk with eyes glued to a combination of Formula 1 racing and the Tour de France. A little bell rings, telling me I have a new SMS message on my phone. Glancing down, I see it’s a message from Mrs PC. I swipe the message open and find this picture staring back at me. I turn around to ask when she took it and see the same view sitting right there in front

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